karate kid New On DVD Today

Carlos Alvarez/ Getty Images

A bunch of good movies were released today. Now that is getting a little bit colder, they are a good option to stay home and watch some of them

“The Karate Kid” – Will Smith’s 11-year-old son Jaden Smith got his first -on-screen kiss as the new karate kid . . . and Jackie Chan has the Mr. Miyagi role.

–“A Nightmare on Elm Street” – Jackie Earle Haley is Freddy Krueger and Rooney Mara stars as Nancy.  The rest of the cast includes Katie Cassidy, “Twilight’s” Kellan Lutz, and Thomas Dekker from the “Terminator” TV series.

–“Splice” – Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley make genetic hybrids by splicing together animal DNA.  Things turn scary once they secretly add some human DNA into the mix, and their creation evolves into a beautiful bald woman . . . with a wicked-looking tail.

The Human Centipede” – One of the sickest movies of all times, three people are fused together, mouth to anus, to form a human centipede.  But in the upcoming sequel, the centipede is made up of TWELVE unwilling participants.

–“Troll 2″ – Quite possibly one of the worst movies ever made.  Especially since there AREN’T EVEN ANY TROLLS IN IT.  A family is hunted by vegetarian goblins.  Who have to turn people into plants before eating them.  I can’t make this stuff up.

Bones:  The Complete Fifth Season” . . . a six-disc DVD set.

Caprica:  Season 1.0″ . . . a four-disc DVD set.

Stargate Universe:  The Complete First Season One” . . . a five-disc DVD set.

 —Medium:  The Sixth Season” . . . a six-disc DVD set.

 —Monk:  The Complete Series” . . . a 32-disc set.  (–It ran for eight seasons.)

 –“Ally McBeal:  Season 4″ AND “Season 5”. . . as six-disc sets.  It ran five seasons.

 —The Mary Tyler Moore Show:  The Complete Seventh Season” . . . a three-disc DVD set of the show’s final season.

–“All In The Family:  The Seventh Season” . . . a three-disc set.  It ran nine seasons.


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