post thumbnail9 The Marty Riemer Show Bumbershoot Interview Series 2
#3, Bob Schneider

One of our weirdest backstage interviews at Bumbershoot 2010.

Oh, our conversation with Austin’s Bob Schneider started out sane enough, reflecting on Austin’s own massive music festival, SXSW.

But somewhere between asking Schneider about his upbringing in Germany – his father was an opera singer in Munich and Schneider lived there until he was 16 – and a reference to Seattle as a bastion for political correctness, it went wonderfully awry.

And politically incorrect.

#4, Billy Bragg

Being summoned for a backstage interview with Billy Bragg – one of the very few he would do during his stint in Seattle for Bumbershoot 2010 – we didn’t know quite what to expect.

The old school, outspoken British punk-folk rocker might just as well crack a beer bottle over our heads as answer any of our questions.

But as it turned out, he was one wonderfully charming – though still outspoken – and one of our favorite meet-ups of the Bumbershoot weekend.


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