Meet Britain’s Most Hated Woman

I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m not a cat person. I’m allergic to them, and they make my life miserable. But I would Never..NEVER feel any kind of inclination to throw someone’s cat in the garbage like this woman did. Who does that?!

A 50-year-old bank teller who was busted by CCTV adversely dropping a cat named Lola into a garbage bin.  Thanks to the days of the internet, this woman isn’t just identified, she’s well on her way to full-fledged celebrity status, and not the good kind, whether she likes it or not.
“Britain’s most hated woman” is now under police protection after she was identified in a CCTV video posted on YouTube and Facebook.  Lola, meanwhile, reportedly remained in the bin for 15 hours, until her owners finally heard her crys of sadness.

People, what it comes down to is this.  In the age of this social media craze, in the most video-surveilled country in the world, what could possibly possess a lady walking down the street to randomly, grab an unsuspecting tabby cat , toss it in a garbage, then run away like a little school girl? You just DON’T do that. It’s weird.


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