Barefoot Bandit Captured!

capt 0b76730929754d22aa73abb3778e9464 1423274872af47d7b7af454be0f2af0c 0 Barefoot Bandit Captured!

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After two and a half years of eluding the police the Barefoot Bandit has been captured by authorities in the Bahamas. In case you’ve been living under a rock, let us get you up to speed on this case. Colton Harris-Moore, a teenager from Camano Island escaped from a half-way home two and a half years ago and has since then been eluding the authorities stealing cars, boats and even airplanes. (More after the  jump to read on) He made it from Camano Island all the way down to the Bahamas. The 6’5 Harris-Moore was seen as a real life “Catch Me If You Can” kind of guy, but unfortunately for him it was his celebrity identity that brought him to his downfall. He was recognized by locals in the Bahamas who called the authorities. Interestingly enough, the authorities found him, true to his name, shoeless. He is to be prosecuted in the Bahamas before he is prosecuted in the United States. His lawyer (as well as his large fan base) argue that he was never a danger to anyone but himself, while victims of his burglary want justice to be served. What do you think? 


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