All the cool kids are doing it. Right, like we’ve never heard that one before. This is not some stupid made up JACK FM thing. It’s actually in the news. I’m not usually a judgemental person…well, maybe I am a little, this is just dumb. Who thinks of this stuff? Hmm..I think i’m going to pour vodka in my eye and see what happens…That sounds fun.“Vodka eyeballing” is apparently the newest drinking craze going on in Great Britain . It’s exactly what the picture shows and exactly what it sounds like. Drinking vodka, and getting drunk by pouring it in YOUR EYE!

Even though many cases of “eyeballing” have caused serious and irrevocable damage to cornea’s and optic nerves, kids and adults are still doing it.

What happened to the good old fashioned Long Island Iced Tea’s or Jager shots?…that go through your MOUTH! What is wrong with you people!?


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