Barack Obama

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The president’s tax return shows he made a mere $5.5 million last year, mostly on book sales. The more you make, the more you pay, that’s how it works.

Obama’s total tax bill was just under $1.8 million, and the president overpaid that by $8,287, about a third of his refund last year. Yikes! Guess that means no raise in Malia and Sasha’s allowance this year.

Meanwhile Vice President Joe Biden earned a measly $333,182, including his wife’s income. How does that even begin to make sense? That’s less than Obama donated to charity, even before you start counting his Nobel contribution.

Oh, to be rich…

  1. Jake says:

    hahahaha this is great. I personally am fed up with the obama hype. No doubt he is a very intelligent man and great speaker but he lacks back bone. When your in power of a country I think you might need some back bone and balls. Also, everyone knew he was going to win the election from the get go because we are a society of sheep and follow what our friends and family believe. Im sick of “that man in the white house”.

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