cartmanandtiger South Park hacks away at Tiger
Comedy Central’s cartoon “South Park” took a few swings at Tiger Woods and Electronic Arts Sunday night, and now EA may be looking to strike back. EA is reportedly considering a lawsuit over “South Park’s” dramatization of a fateful night in Tiger’s life.

The premise of the episode, Cartman and pals play a video game of Tiger and his wife on Thanksgiving when he got into a car crash just outside their home.

Cartman plays the Tiger Video

More on the story and more South Park audio clips southpark tigerfmldouche  o1 South Park hacks away at Tiger

The Tiger and wife dramatization

More Tiger and wife dramatization

¬†According to the “Daily Informer” entertainment blog, a source close to the development of the game says EA’s top brass was immediately called in for a meeting after the episode aired. EA has stuck by Tiger Woods amid his marital mishaps, and according to the report, EA was already worried about the possible fallout from doing so and the “South Park” episode is only making things worse. The source also remarked that there are definitely a few copyright infringements in the episode.

Official South Park Site


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