fatwomanedit 12,000 Calories a day? Thats nothin!

Donna Simpson currently weighs 602 lbs, and is determined to nearly double her size to become the world’s fattest woman. The 42-year-old from New Jersey, U.S, is set on reaching 1,000lbs in just two years. She claims it will be difficult because running after her daughter keeps her weight down….is she serious?

Donna insists she is healthy, despite needing a mobility scooter when she goes shopping. She wears XXXXXXXL dresses, eats a ton of junk food (she can eat 70 rolls of sushi in one sitting) and tries to move as little as possible. Sounds real healthy. Donna eats up to 12,000 calories a day (the average woman should consume at the most 2,000.)
To fund the ginormous $750 weekly food shop, she runs a website where men pay her to watch her eat fast food. I love eating and people love watching me eat, she said.  ‘It makes people happy, and I’m not harming anyone…umm, what about your family when you die from obesity or a heart attack?

courtesy of www.dailymail.co.uk

  1. TPatterson says:

    Reading this just makes me sad for you ,your willing to put your life at risk both mentally sp? and of coarse phsicalley .
    and what are you teaching your kid,s or any other people watching you do this toyourself and the people that care about you~I think that your so uncomfortable with your weight that by doing this you get a sense of acceptance and a reason to just give up.
    So once you win this record then what you will just be that weight after your in the book whoo hoo then what???
    Im not trying to be mean but struggling with weight all my life I know the truth of what your doing and it makes me sad I will pray for you Traci

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